Guitars, Design, Production and Repair

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Guitars, Design, Production and Repair

Jim Donahue, «Guitars, Design, Production and Repair»
Imprintbooks | ISBN 1591097258 | 2003-06 Year | PDF | 4.4 Mb | 162 Pages

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A Comprehensive guide to guitar creation, design and maintenance. Every Aspect of Electric, Acoustic and Bass guitar care is covered!!

Chapter List
Chapter 1: Tools Jigs & Templates
Chapter 2: Guitar Maintenance
Chapter 3: Guitar & Bass Parts
Chapter 4: Pickups & Electronics
Chapter 5: Guitar Design
Chapter 6: Making A Drawing
Chapter 7: Designing and Contracting Necks
Chapter 8: Fretting and Fretwork
Chapter 9: Basic Building
Chapter 10: Pick Guards
Chapter 11: Small Shop Building
Chapter 12: Carving Tops
Chapter 13: Paint and Furnish
Chapter 14: Factory Guitar Repair
Chapter 15: Small Factory Production
Chapter 16: Large Factory Production
Chapter 17: Acoustic Guitar Production
Chapter 18: Wood Information
Information: Supplies

Authors own words
Are you interested in designing, building or repairing guitars? We all know you can't just grab a piece of wood and start "It won't work" I have watched many people try and when their done they say "I wish I knew that before I started". Problem's like Basic Design, Body, Woods, Scale Length, Pickup Placement, Knob Placement, Cavity Routing, Tuning Stability, Finish, Parts, Weight, Playability and the proper tools for the Job! Did you ever see what taking the frets out of a neck wrong can do? Basically ruin the guitar
Over the years I have been asked many questions about guitars and I try to answer them all. I checked every book available and they just don't have the answer's. At that point I began writing one myself. It took a long time with many rewrites but finally it's finished.

I spent many years working on this and it was first a black and white book that I could not afford to have printed, Then I converted it to a Director movie on a CD-ROM that is also available. Many people continued to ask for a printable version so finally I made this Ebook. Thw book is in full color but If you are going to print this out maybe black and white would be the best way to go.

The information in here is really amazing as far as a book goes. I have read just about every book I can find on guitars and most have some information on a few areas. This book is totally different I made it to let people see how many ways you can go about making guitars and to actually design and build your own guitar. Even if you only use 5% of this book it will save you many visits to a guitar repair shop; this will save you more than the cost of this book in one visit.

The book has 165 pages all color and an easy to navigate menu to get around.

I have checked other books and in them you get maybe one or two subjects that I cover for at least this much.The subjects are vast starting with "tools" and explaining all the different styles of production from building by hand with limited tools to mass production in large factories.The book also has chapters on designing electric, bass and acoustic guitars, detailed electronics, all about pickups, wiring, guitar design from the initial idea all the way to having it produced in a factory, general maintenance, factory repair methods, tools, jigs, templates, fretting, making necks, carving solid tops, detail parts info, custom finish, trouble shooting and more. Written in easy to understand every day English.

This book was written for everyone from new comers, builders or just guitar people.My experience in the guitar business is extensive and for the past eighteen years. I have built, repaired or customized guitars for many people including Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Larry Mitchell, Andy Timmons, John Petrucci, Paul Gilbert, Frank Gambali, George Benson , Pat Metheny, John Schofield, Paul Stanley, Gerald Veasley, Gary Willis and at least 50 morepeople. I have also visited Japan, Korea and China over thirty times, and visited at over 25 guitar factories worldwide