Hands on Environmentalism

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Hands on Environmentalism
Encounter Books / September 27, 2005 | 180 pages | ISBN: 1594030855 | PDF | 1.8 Mb

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When the first Earth Day catapulted environmental awareness onto the global mindset in 1970, average citizens felt that they finally could have a stake in protecting their surroundings from the ravages of pollution, overpopulation, and resource depletion that were bringing the planet to the brink of ecological catastrophe. What developed instead was a quagmire of government bureaucracy, political expediency, and legal strategy that espoused a reactive rather than proactive approach that Haglund and Still dub "command-and–control." Promoting an alternative concept called "civic environmentalism," the authors outline a fundamental paradigm shift in the way concerned citizens, elected officials, and industrial leaders can wrest responsibility away from the regulatory professionals. By focusing on results rather than retribution, and looking toward the future rather than the past, this dynamic method of addressing local, national, and global environmental challenges boasts impressive success stories. Offering practical advice for individuals and grassroots organizations, this guidebook furnishes proven strategies and positive messages designed to invigorate the environmental movement.

Book Description
Shows that is is possible to reach voluntary, enduring solutions to pressing environmental problems without heavy-handed government intervention.

About the Author
Brent M. Haglund is president of the Sand County Foundation, an international conservation organization based in Wisconsin. Thomas W. Still is president of the Wisconsin Technology Council.