Encyclopedia of Geography Terms, Themes, and Concepts (repost)

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Encyclopedia of Geography Terms, Themes, and Concepts (repost)

Reuel R. Hanks, "Encyclopedia of Geography Terms, Themes, and Concepts"
2011 | ISBN: 1598842943 | 404 pages | PDF | 3,4 MB

How did the Greek geographer Eratosthenes make an accurate calculation of the earth's circumstance more than 1,500 years before the first voyage of Columbus to the New World? What are the "green belts" of England that dominate its rural landscape? And what is regarded as the driest continent on the planet?

This handbook offers a broad coverage of terminology and concepts, serving as both an encyclopedic dictionary of geography terms and an approachable overview to the human and physical aspects of world geography. Approximately 150 geographic terms and concepts are defined and discussed, providing an accessible reference for anyone who requires a deeper knowledge of the language and ideas that are important to geography as a discipline. Helpful sidebars are provided to shed light on unusual or controversial theories and concepts. All major geographic concepts and terms are addressed and comprehensively explained using examples.