Jesse James (Legends of the Wild West) (repost)

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Jesse James (Legends of the Wild West) (repost)

Jesse James (Legends of the Wild West) By Adam Woog
2010 | 126 Pages | ISBN: 1604135980 | PDF | 5,3 MB

Jesse James may be the most famous outlaw from the wild days of the Old West. He began his career during the Civil War, as part of a group of Southern-supporting guerrilla fighters in his native Missouri. After the war, James turned his hand to crime, becoming one of the leaders of the famous James-Younger Gang, along with his brother, Frank, and another set of brothers, the Youngers. These bandits became notorious for their bold robberies of banks, stagecoaches, and railroads around Missouri, but James was never taken prisoner, despite years of manhunts for him. James's legendary career ended when he was betrayed and murdered by Robert Ford, a member of his gang. As proved in Jesse James, his daring exploits are still fascinating more than a century after his death.