Dynamics and Control of DC-DC Converters

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Dynamics and Control of DC-DC Converters

Dynamics and Control of DC-DC Converters
Morgan & Claypool | English | 2018 | ISBN-10: 1681732963 | 243 pages | PDF | 9.34 MB

by Farzin Asadi (Author),‎ Kei Eguchi (Author),‎ Jerry Hudgins (Editor)

DC-DC converters have many applications in the modern world. They provide the required power to the communication backbones, they are used in digital devices like laptops and cell phones, and they have widespread applications in electric cars, to just name a few.

DC-DC converters require negative feedback to provide a suitable output voltage or current for the load. Obtaining a stable output voltage or current in presence of disturbances such as: input voltage changes and/or output load changes seems impossible without some form of control.

This book tries to train the art of controller design for DC-DC converters. Chapter 1 introduces the DC-DC converters briefly. It is assumed that the reader has the basic knowledge of DC-DC converter (i.e., a basic course in power electronics).

The reader learns the disadvantages of open loop control in Chapter 2. Simulation of DC-DC converters with the aid of Simulink® is discussed in this chapter as well. Extracting the dynamic models of DC-DC converters is studied in Chapter 3. We show how MATLAB® and a software named KUCA can be used to do the cumbersome and error-prone process of modeling automatically. Obtaining the transfer functions using PSIM® is studied as well.

These days, softwares are an integral part of engineering sciences. Control engineering is not an exception by any means. Keeping this in mind, we design the controllers using MATLAB® in Chapter 4.

Finally, references are provided at the end of each chapter to suggest more information for an interested reader. The intended audiences for this book are practice engineers and academians.

Table of Contents: Preface / DC-DC Converters: An Introduction / Importance of Control in DC-DC Converters / Dynamics of DC-DC Converters / Controller Design / Authors' Biographies