Lo-Dash Essentials

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Lo-Dash Essentials

Lo-Dash Essentials by Adam Boduch
English | 2015 | 232 Pages | ISBN: 1784398330 | PDF | 2 MB

Implement fast, lean, and readable code effectively with Lo-Dash Learn the effective functions of Lo-Dash, starting from the commonly used basic ones to high-level design ideas, with the help of code examples that will help you gain practical insights into real-world problems If you are a curious JavaScript developer interested simultaneously in tweaking the efficiency of your code, as well as improving the conciseness of it, and maintaining the readability of it, then this is the book for you. Ideally, the book is intended for readers already working on JavaScript projects and using frameworks such as jQuery and Backbone. Even if you're already using Lo-Dash, this book will show you how to use it efficiently. While extensive JavaScript experience isn't a requirement, you should have at least some prior programming experience in order to best understand the concepts presented. Lo-Dash Essentials walks you through the Lo-Dash utility library, which promises consistency and performance in JavaScript development. This book looks into the most common functions and the various contexts in which they're used. You'll first start with object types and their properties, then you'll dive into larger development patterns, such as MapReduce, and how to chain functionality together. Following this, you'll learn how to make suitable builds for various environments, and discover how high-level patterns complement one another and how they lead to reusable building blocks for applications. Finally, you will gain some practical exposure to Lo-Dash by working alongside other libraries, and learn some useful techniques for improving performance.

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