Norwegian Vocabulary for English Speakers: 3000 words

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Norwegian Vocabulary for English Speakers: 3000 words

Norwegian Vocabulary for English Speakers: 3000 words by Andrey Taranov
English | October 1, 2014 | ISBN: 1784920142 | EPUB | 110 pages | 0.4 MB


This book is a learning tool for mastering basic Norwegian vocabulary. It will help you obtain a solid base in your knowledge of the Norwegian language. The 3000 words contained in this edition will aid in your understanding of simple phrases and hone your composition skills. This manual will also be an invaluable reference during any trip abroad where the Norwegian language is spoken. Simple transcriptions of each word will assist in the memorization of reading rules. Once you have mastered even only 70% of the words contained in this vocabulary guide, you will be able to say: “Yes! I speak a little Norwegian!”

T&P Books vocabularies are intended to help you learn, memorize and review foreign words

The dictionary contains over 3000 commonly used words
Recommended as additional support material to any language course
Meets the needs of both beginners and advanced learners
Convenient for daily use, reviewing sessions and self-testing activities
Allows you to assess your current vocabulary
This book can also be used by foreign learners of English

Special features of T&P Books bilingual vocabularies:

Words are arranged according to their meaning, not alphabetically
Content is presented in three columns to facilitate the reviewing and self-testing processes
Each theme is composed of small blocks of similar lexical units
The vocabulary offers a convenient and simple transcription for each foreign word