Learning Python Design Patterns, Second Edition

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Learning Python Design Patterns, Second Edition

Chetan Giridhar, "Learning Python Design Patterns, Second Edition"
2016 | ISBN-10: 178588803X | 130 pages | true EPUB | 3 MB

Leverage the power of design patterns to solve real-world problems in Python software architecture, design, and application development.

About This Book

Understand the structural, creational, and behavioral Python design patterns
Get to know the context and application of design patterns to solve real-world problems in software architecture, design, and application development
Get practical exposure through sample implementations in Python v3.5 for the design patterns featured

Who This Book Is For

This book is for software architects and Python developers, and will be useful for novice engineers and seasoned architects as well. It requires a basic understanding of programming concepts and beginner level Python development experience. It will also be helpful for educational experiences for students and teachers in live learning environments.

What You Will Learn

Enhance your skills to create a better software architecture
Understand proven solutions to commonly occurring design issues
Explore the design principles that form the basis of software design, such as loose coupling, the Hollywood principle and the Open Close principle among others
Delve into the object-oriented programming concepts and find out how they are used in software applications
Develop an understanding of Creational Design Patterns and the different object creation methods that help you solve issues in software development
Use Structural Design Patterns and find out how objects and classes interact to build larger applications
Focus on the interaction between objects with the command and observer patterns
Improve the productivity and code base of your application using Python design patterns

In Detail

With the increasing focus on optimized software architecture and design, it is important that software architects think about optimizations in object creation, code structure, and interaction between objects at the architecture or design level. This makes sure that the cost of software maintenance is low and code can be easily reused or is adaptable to change. The key to this is reusability and low maintenance in design patterns.

Building on the success of the previous edition, Learning Python Design Patterns, Second Edition will help you implement real-world scenarios with Python's latest release, Python v3.5.

We start by introducing design patterns from the Python perspective. As you progress through the book, you will learn about Singleton patterns, Factory patterns, and Facade patterns in detail. After this, we'll look at how to control object access with proxy patterns. It also covers observer patterns, command patterns, and compound patterns.

By the end of the book, you will have enhanced your professional abilities in software architecture, design, and development.