Android Wear Projects

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Android Wear Projects

Android Wear Projects by Ashok Kumar S
English | 31 July 2017 | ISBN: 1787123227 | ASIN: B0735CVTJ2 | 416 Pages | AZW3 | 9.72 MB

Key Features

Create real-time Android Wear apps from scratch and become a pro Android Wear Developer
Learn to create apps specially dedicated to the Android Wear platform
Design custom Wear UIs and create interactive Watch faces

Book Description

Android Wear Projects is your opportunity to step into the exciting new world of Android Wear app development. This book will help you to master the skills in Android Wear programming and give you a complete insight on wear app development.

You will create five different Android Wear apps just like the most popular Android Wear apps. You will create a To-do list, a city maps app, a Wear messenger, Wear fitness tracker and Watch face. While you create these apps you will learn to create custom notifications, receive voice inputs in notifications, add pages to notifications and stack notifications. You will see how to create custom wear app layouts, the custom UIs specially designed for Wear. You will learn to handle and manage data and syncing data with other devices, create interactive Watch faces and also ensure the safety and security of your Wear apps by testing and securing your apps before you deploy them on the app store.

What you will learn

Design and build Wear apps.
Learn how to use offline storage in Wear apps.
Understand sensors and how to work with them
Work with standalone applications of the wear 2.0 API.
Create a map application for Android Wear devices
Write a watch face and understand more about Wear 2.0
Work with firebase realtime database and firebase functions
Create a chatting application that has wear companion app

About the Author

Ashok Kumar S is an Android developer residing in Bangalore, India. A gadget enthusiast, he thrives on innovating and exploring the latest gizmos in the tech space.

He has been developing Android applications for all Google related technologies. He is a Google certified Udacity Nano degree holder.

A strong believer in spirituality, he heavily contributes to the open source community as a e-spiritual ritual to improve his e-karma. He regularly conducts workshops about Android application development in local engineering colleges and schools. He also organizes multiple tech events at his organization and is a regular attendee of all the conferences that happen on Android in the silicon valley of India.

He also has a YouTube channel, called AndroidABCD, where he discusses all aspects of Android development, including quick tutorials.

Table of Contents

Getting you ready to fly, Setting up your development environment
Lets help capturing what's on your mind, WearListView and more
Lets help capturing what's on your mind, Saving data and customizing UI
Measure your wellness, Sensors
Measure your wellness, Syncing collected sensor data
Ways to get around anywhere, WearMap and GoogleAPIclient
Ways to get around anywhere, UI controls and more
Lets chat in a smart way, Messaging API and more
Lets chat in a smart way, Notifications and more
Just a face for your time, WatchFace and services
More about Wear 2.0