Web Development with Blazor and .NET: A hands-on guide to building interactive web UIs with Blazor and C#

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Web Development with Blazor and .NET: A hands-on guide to building interactive web UIs with Blazor and C#

Web Development with Blazor
by Jimmy Engström

English | 2021 | ISBN: 1800208723 | 310 pages | True (PDF, EPUB, MOBI) | 18.17 MB

Learn modern web UI development with server-side Blazor and Blazor WebAssembly
Key Features

Packed with Blazor fundamentals, actionable insights, and best practices
Learn how to create and deploy a production-ready Blazor application
Find out how, when, and why to use server-side Blazor and Blazor WebAssembly

Book Description

Until now, creating interactive web pages meant involving JavaScript. But with Blazor, Microsoft's new way to create .NET web applications, developers can easily build interactive and rich web applications using C#. This book will guide you through the most commonly used scenarios when starting your journey with Blazor.

Firstly, you'll discover how to leverage the power of Blazor and learn what you can do with both server-side and WebAssembly. By showing you how all the elements work together practically, the book will help you solve some of the common roadblocks that developers face. As you advance, you'll learn how to create server-side Blazor and Blazor WebAssembly projects, how Razor syntax works, and how to validate forms and create your own components. The book then introduces you to key concepts involved in web development with Blazor, which you will be able to put into practice straight away.

By the end of this Blazor book, you'll have gained the confidence to create and deploy production-ready Blazor applications.
What you will learn

Understand the different technologies that can be used with Blazor, such as server-side, client-side (WebAssembly), desktop, and mobile
Find out how to build simple and advanced Blazor components
Explore the differences between server-side and WebAssembly projects
Discover how Entity Framework works and build a simple API
Understand what components are and find out how to create basic and advanced components
Use existing JavaScript libraries in Blazor
Use techniques to debug your client-side and server-side Blazor applications
Test Blazor components using bUnit

Who This Book Is For

The book is for web developers and software developers who want to explore Blazor for building dynamic web UIs. This book assumes familiarity with C# programming and web development concepts.