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Modern C++ Programming Cookbook, 2nd Edition [Repost]

Posted By: readerXXI
Modern C++ Programming Cookbook, 2nd Edition [Repost]

Modern C++ Programming Cookbook : Master C++ Core Language and Standard Library Features, with Over 100 Recipes, Updated to C++20, 2nd Edition
by Marius Bancila
English | 2020 | ISBN: 1800208987 | 751 Pages | PDF/ePub | 5.23 MB

C++ has come a long way to be one of the most widely used general-purpose languages that is fast, efficient, and high-performance at its core.

The updated second edition of Modern C++ Programming Cookbook addresses the latest features of C++20, such as modules, concepts, coroutines, and the many additions to the standard library, including ranges and text formatting. The book is organized in the form of practical recipes covering a wide range of problems faced by modern developers.

The book also delves into the details of all the core concepts in modern C++ programming, such as functions and classes, iterators and algorithms, streams and the file system, threading and concurrency, smart pointers and move semantics, and many others. It goes into the performance aspects of programming in depth, teaching developers how to write fast and lean code with the help of best practices.

Furthermore, the book explores useful patterns and delves into the implementation of many idioms, including pimpl, named parameter, and attorney-client, teaching techniques such as avoiding repetition with the factory pattern. There is also a chapter dedicated to unit testing, where you are introduced to three of the most widely used libraries for C++: Boost.Test, Google Test, and Catch2.

By the end of the book, you will be able to effectively leverage the features and techniques of C++11/14/17/20 programming to enhance the performance, scalability, and efficiency of your applications.

What you will learn

Understand the new C++20 language and library features and the problems they solve
Become skilled at using the standard support for threading and concurrency for daily tasks
Leverage the standard library and work with containers, algorithms, and iterators
Solve text searching and replacement problems using regular expressions
Work with different types of strings and learn the various aspects of compilation
Take advantage of the file system library to work with files and directories
Implement various useful patterns and idioms
Explore the widely used testing frameworks for C++

The book is designed for entry- or medium-level C++ programmers who have a basic knowledge of C++ and want to master the language and become prolific modern C++ developers. Experienced C++ programmers can leverage this book to strengthen their command of C++ and find a good reference to many language and library features of C++11/14/17/20.

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