Hands-On Design Patterns and Best Practices with Julia [Repost]

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Hands-On Design Patterns and Best Practices with Julia [Repost]

Hands-On Design Patterns and Best Practices with Julia : Proven Solutions to Common Problems in Software Design for Julia 1.x
by Tom Kwong
English | 2020 | ISBN: 183864881X | 521 Pages | PDF/ePub | 40 MB

Design patterns are fundamental techniques for developing reusable and maintainable code. They provide a set of proven solutions that allow developers to solve problems in software development quickly. This book will demonstrate how to leverage design patterns with real-world applications.

Starting with an overview of design patterns and best practices in application design, you'll learn about some of the most fundamental Julia features such as modules, data types, functions/interfaces, and metaprogramming. You'll then get to grips with the modern Julia design patterns for building large-scale applications with a focus on performance, reusability, robustness, and maintainability. The book also covers anti-patterns and how to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls in development. You'll see how traditional object-oriented patterns can be implemented differently and more effectively in Julia. Finally, you'll explore various use cases and examples, such as how expert Julia developers use design patterns in their open source packages.

By the end of this Julia programming book, you'll have learned methods to improve software design, extensibility, and reusability, and be able to use design patterns efficiently to overcome common challenges in software development.

What you will learn

Master the Julia language features that are key to developing large-scale software applications
Discover design patterns to improve overall application architecture and design
Develop reusable programs that are modular, extendable, performant, and easy to maintain
Weigh up the pros and cons of using different design patterns for use cases
Explore methods for transitioning from object-oriented programming to using equivalent or more advanced Julia techniques

This book is for beginner to intermediate-level Julia programmers who want to enhance their skills in designing and developing large-scale applications.

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