Shape Shifter: Transform Your Life in 1 Day

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Geoff Thompson, «Shape Shifter: Transform Your Life in 1 Day»
Summersdale Publishers | ISBN 1840244445 | May 2, 2005 | PDF | 1,2 Mb | 304 pages

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Powerful advice on personal development from an underdog turned success story. Do you believe that the world's leading lights are gifted from birth or even just plain lucky? In this groundbreaking guide, Geoff Thompson demonstrates that anyone with average ability and a strong desire can succeed in any chosen field. The former bouncer and factory floor sweeper, now BAFTA award-winning film-maker and bestselling writer, knows this better than most. You will learn:- That shape shifting is our birthright as a creative species How to practise the art of personal transformation, step-by-step That with the right strategy and approach, success is always a choice


Shape Shifter: Transform Your Life In One Day, 21 Dec 2005
Reviewer: A reader

A fantastic practical book!
Not like some of the other self help books i've read - to start with, this is crammed full of practical common sense advice. The author also draws upon the experiences of 'real' people, from all walks of life, some examples of these are: a sculptor, two comedians, businessmen, himself and other martial artists. He also mentions Victor E. Frankl, the author of 'Mans Search For Meaning'. If you want to read about overcoming adversity, then this man's story is essential reading.
I reccomend you read Geoff's book, it could give you the push in the right direction you need.


Very good and inspirational reading matter, 13 Oct 2005
Reviewer: "dbarnsley2"

I must admit that I have always been a bit dubious regarding self help books and their general context.

After reading I can not put this book down. I can honestly (hand on heart) say it has changed my way of thinking on some negative matters that were dragging me down in life.

Geoff is clever, incredibly knowledgeable, and witty. A man who has taken the bull by the horns in life worked incredibly hard and sucessfully shaped his own destiny.

He describes in a non patronising manner how if you really want to change any aspect of your life that gets you down you can if you focus and are determined enough.

I have put some of Geoff's teachings into practice in everyday situations and am already feeling the benefit.

Basically he shows you that what you put in you can more than get out of life, probably not the best thing to read if you are and always will be a confirmed couch potatoe. But an excellent read if you are prepared to work hard and reap the eventual benefits.

A good strong book / very helpful and uplifting. I will be reading some of Geoff's other publications.


Reviewer: Darren Bell "daz1387" (Durham Uk)

An awesome, highly motivational book, this should be required reading in comprehensive schools… totally inspirational..I read it twice over straight away..It has changed my life and how i view things.. Absolutely priceless..This book is a must have.. Blows all the other 'self help' books away…one word…Awesome!