Chronicle of Hainaut by Gilbert of Mons

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Chronicle of Hainaut by Gilbert of Mons

Chronicle of Hainaut by Gilbert of Mons
Publisher: Boydell Press | ISBN: 1843831201 | edition 2005 | PDF | 264 pages | 1.55 mb

The importance of the late twelfth-century Chronicle of Hainaut as a primary source cannot be overestimated. It is particularly valuable as a historical record because Gilbert of Mons was an eye-witness to important events affecting Count Baldwin V of Hainaut. He also furnished much significant information about persons and affairs within France and the Empire, particularly Count Philip of Flanders, King Philip Augustus and Emperor Frederick Barbarossa. He had a keen interest in noble marriages, making his chronicle an unmatched source for genealogical and prosopographical material for this region. His work is a mine of information on a great many subjects, such as the crusades, political events, noble women, the lives of saints, lord-tenant relationships, customary practices and the association of churches with lay advocates. Chronicon Hanoniense is particularly informative concerning military matters, giving detailed accounts of sieges, campaigns and tournaments. The translation is in readable modern English, while retaining the flavour of a twelfth-century composition. Annotations clarify the text, identifying people, events and concepts, including up-to-date bibliography for both primary and secondary sources. Chronicon Hanoniense will be useful to scholars at all levels in many fields, and may be used as a teaching tool for medieval history.

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