WordPress 3 Ultimate Security (with code) (Repost)

Posted By: Veslefrikk
WordPress 3 Ultimate Security (with code) (Repost)

WordPress 3 Ultimate Security (with code)
Publisher: Pa,.ckt Publ,,ishing 2011 | 408 Pages | ISBN: 1849512108 | PDF | 8 MB

Most likely – today – some hacker tried to crack your WordPress site, its data and content – maybe once but, with automated tools, very likely dozens or hundreds of times. There’s no silver bullet but if you want to cut the odds of a successful attack from practically inevitable to practically zero, read this book.

WordPress 3 Ultimate Security shows you how to hack your site before someone else does. You’ll uncover its weaknesses before sealing them off, securing your content and your day-to-day local-to-remote editorial process. This is more than some “10 Tips …” guide. It’s ultimate protection – because that’s what you need.