Supply Chain Engineering: Useful Methods and Techniques (repost)

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Supply Chain Engineering: Useful Methods and Techniques (repost)

Alexandre Dolgui, Jean-Marie Proth, "Supply Chain Engineering: Useful Methods and Techniques"
S,.,.er | 2010 | ISBN: 184996016X | 539 pages | PDF | 5 MB

Supply Chain Engineering considers how modern production and operations management (POM) techniques can respond to the pressures of the competitive global marketplace by integrating all activities in the supply chain, adding flexibility to the system, and drastically reducing production cost.

Several POM challenges are answered through a comprehensive analysis of concepts and models that assist the selection of outsourcing strategies and dynamic pricing policies. Supply Chain Engineering presents inventory management techniques in supply chains, radio frequency identification (RFID) technologies, and methods for the design of flexible and re-configurable manufacturing systems, as well as real-time assignment and scheduling methods. A significant part of the book is also devoted to:

• lean manufacturing,

• line balancing (assembly lines, U-lines, and bucket brigades),

• dynamic facilities layout approaches, and

• new warehousing techniques.

Explanations are given using basic examples and detailed algorithms, while discarding complex and unnecessary theoretical minutiae. In addition, all the examples have been carefully selected with a view to eventual industrial application.

Supply Chain Engineering is written for students and professors in industrial and systems engineering, management science, operations management, and business. It is also an informative reference for industrial managers looking to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their production systems.