Chess Middlegames: Essential Knowledge

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Chess Middlegames: Essential Knowledge

Chess Middlegames: Essential Knowledge
Cadogan Chess | ISBN 1857441257 | 1997-12 | PDF | 112 pages | 11.31 MB

In this book the author tells us so there are only 2 effective attacking procedures, which leading to success - the combined attack and double blow. This is very important and not quite understood, but if you mastery these techniques you might not be so dangerous, but much more carefully player.
If you want to make this book useful to you, you have to study it very carefully and minimum twice (it is thin - only 110 pages). All subjects are devoted to tactics, but there is one chapter devoted to strategy of attack. If you are "tactics scientific" you are in good place. In this book there are few useful mating attack mechanisms, it has showed coordination of the pieces and combinations - how it has born and how arises. I like to recover it because from time to time (once a 2-3 months), because each time I read it, I discover new things - particuraly how important is coordination of the pieces, how hidden treats are dangerous and complex to recognize (and to build) - sometimes they are very deep underground, but if you know how they build [what elements] and how to recognize them early, then you should not be afraid of them. I should note: sometimes complexity of chess combinations are sometimes very frustrating too see, but in closer look (and with much practice!) you can see and understand that they are "connected [composed] simple blocks".
This book contains 19 (short) chapters and has no any tasks to solve. Level of this book is not so high [it is not difficult; maybe a bit - especially for quite begginers].
Advice for begginers: when you study it carefully you might see that it is quite fine and nice. To the end of my opinion I can only say that this author is respected Soviet author… (he wrote great endings in 5 volumes 20 years ago).