Does Your Marketing Sell? : The Secret of Effective Marketing Communications (repost)

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Does Your Marketing Sell? : The Secret of Effective Marketing Communications (repost)

Ian Moore, "Does Your Marketing Sell? : The Secret of Effective Marketing Communications”
English | ISBN 1857883500 | 2005 Year | PDF | 200 Pages| 6,2 Mb

Take a look at any magazine or newspaper. Each one is filled with hundreds of advertisements. Now, think about the hundreds, or even thousands of ads that people see every day. What is it that makes one ad stick out from all the rest? Why does one promotional campaign get 100 percent more results than another? And how do you know which yours will be?

Remarkably, the answer is often quite simple. The trick is to think about your marketing as if you were selling. Out goes the fancy showmanship. In comes effective salesmanship. The invariable results: higher response rates and more sales.

Does Your Marketing Sell? is a distillation of Ian Moore’s more than 25 years of successful sales and marketing experience. It includes hundreds of real case studies, the pick of marketing communications research and the wisdom from some of the world’s greatest marketers. When put together, these make a simple, practical model that will help you to create a compelling piece of marketing communication – and show you how to spot and remove the flaws from your marketing campaign. Highlighting the best (and worst!) of contemporary marketing campaigns with numerous illustrations and examples, Does Your Marketing Sell? Will show you how to:

-Get 4 times as many customers to read your ads -Double the response rates to your direct mail campaigns -Triple the number of people who participate in your promotional offers -Employ the 7 most powerful ways to gain attention -Use the 100 most persuasive selling words