Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics of Offshore Structures (Repost)

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Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics of Offshore Structures (Repost)

Linus Etube, "Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics of Offshore Structures"
2001 | pages: 189 | ISBN: 1860583121 | PDF | 10,0 mb

The tubular welded joints used in the construction of offshorestructures can experience millions of variable amplitude loadcycles during their service life. Such fatigue loading represents amain cause of degradation in these structures. As a result, fatigueis an important consideration in their design. Fatigue and FractureMechanisms of Offshore Structures present novel research and theresults of wave-induced stress on the operational life of offshorestructures.
Containing results of an investigation undertaken to assess thefatigue and fracture performance of steels used in the offshoreindustry, Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics of OffshoreStructures includes,
- Stress analysis of tubular joints
- Fatigue design
- Fatigue loading in Jackup structures
- Jack-up dynamic response
- Modelling of wave loading
- Test specimen considerations
- The stress intensity factor concept
- Variable amplitude crack growth models
- Consideration of sequence effects
- Sea state probability model
The important research in this book will be of interest to thosedealing with a wide range of engineering structures - from bridgesand buildings to masts and pipelines, as well as fatigue andfracture specialists, and those concerned with materialstechnology.

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