Architecting Web Services by William L. Oellermann Jr

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Architecting Web Services by William L. Oellermann Jr.
Publisher: Apress; 1st edition (October 15, 2001) | ISBN: 1893115585 | CHM | 9 Mb | 672 pages

The theme of this outstanding book is not coding, although developers will find the contents useful. The ideal audience includes (1) architects who are seeking a coherent paradigm against which web-based systems can be designed, (2) developers who are seeking an approach to developing reusable code, and (3) 'software factories' and integration companies that develop components for resale of license.
Key strengths of this book include: Clearly defined definitions of web services, which set the context of the book, code examples that are provided using Websphere and ASP (the dual examples remove any bias towards any specific vendor, especially since the Websphere examples are generic enough for any shop using Java), all code and accompanying artifacts are provided from the author's web site (ensures ongoing updates, errata and emerging information that was not available when the book was published), and text insets on almost every page that give the author's advice, his experience in a particular topic and clarifications of terms and approaches - these alone make the book a treasure.


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