Guinness World Records 2012 (Repost)

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Guinness World Records 2012 (Repost)

"Guinness World Records 2012"
English | 2011-09-13 | ISBN: 1904994679 | 228 pages | EPUB | 153 mb

It's an Olympic year, and to celebrate, the latest incarnation of the world's biggest selling annual unveils its most thrilling edition yet with a dynamic new "widescreen" design, thousands of new and classic records, never-before-seen photos and an exciting selection of new topics and features.

- Crisp, new design and color-coded sections to help organize and signpost the record content.
- 100% new pictures and fully updated records
- Mythconceptions - Test yourself and test your friends with quiz questions about the record facts that you think you know well!
- Fact files - Fascinating introductory articles about the stories behind the records.
- All-new sports section - Categorized by theme and allowing you to compare superlatives across every major sport.
- Pioneers - Meet the new generation of young men and women who are pushing the boundaries of human achievement… on land, air, ice and sea.
- The average reader - Find out how much time you spend watching TV, playing videogames and sleeping, and discover how much you laugh, weep, breathe and fart!
- Connexions - What connects China and Ireland? What does the USA have in common with Zaire? Find out with our country-by-country global connections at the bottom of every page.