Nanostructures, Nanomaterials, and Nanotechnologies to Nanoindustry (Repost)

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Nanostructures, Nanomaterials, and Nanotechnologies to Nanoindustry (Repost)

Vladimir I. Kodolov, "Nanostructures, Nanomaterials, and Nanotechnologies to Nanoindustry"
English | ISBN: 1926895886 | 2014 | 434 pages | PDF | 40 MB

Nanosturctures, Nanomaterials, and Nanotechnologies to Nanoindustry presents the most important information about new trends in nanochemistry and nanotechnology as well as in nanobiology and nanomedicine. It covers the obtaining and manufacturing of nanostructures, nanomaterial science, investigation of nanostructures and nanomaterials, development of prognostication apparatus when obtaining and investigating nanoproducts, as well as the application of nanoproducts and nanotechnologies in different areas.

The book discusses mastering nanotechnologies and semi-industrial and industrial production of nanocomposites and nanomaterials, and provides a practical introduction of nanomaterials and nanotechnologies into different areas, including medicine and agriculture. The contributors include representatives of industrial enterprises and research institutions.

The book will be useful for researchers, professors/instructors (for teaching specific courses), students and postgraduates and also for personal re-qualification and for university/college libraries.