Beer Alchemy: DIY Beer Brewing Mastery @ Home

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Beer Alchemy: DIY Beer Brewing Mastery @ Home

Beer Alchemy: DIY Beer Brewing Mastery @ Home by Ron Johnson
2017 | ISBN: 1977638775 | English | 102 pages | EPUB | 1 MB

Beer Alchemy
DIY Beer Brewing Mastery @ Home
I can tell you right now that yes, starting your own home brewing project is easy, breezy, and totally worth it—and you don’t even have to take my word for it. For years, I’ve always been fascinated by the subtle art of brewing your own beer at home, and what started out as a hobby eventually became a fervent passion—an obsession, even—until I poured my heart and soul into it to the delight of my friends.

I mean, honestly—what’s better than having a couple of your best buds over and serving your own homemade beer, right? Not to mention that the wifey absolutely adores the fact that we don’t even need to run down to the store to buy those six-packs whenever we have some friends over, whether for a small dinner party or a big get-together with the whole shebang.

So yes, I got into the beer brewing business, and needless to say, I was pretty popular among my friends, and word soon spread around the whole neighborhood. How can it not? A microbrewery is excellent, and thanks to my good fortune, some corporate people eventually saw the potential and offered to buy the business from me. But that is a different story for another day. In my business most of my success came from brewing the authentic brown Ale, but I know now everyone likes that taste. So, in this book, I don’t want to share my success story but instead I want to show you how easy it is to get started on brewing your own beer. Once you master your tricks then you can think about finding that one unique flavor that is created by you and you only. Something unique that has your signature on it.

I’m here to help you create one of your own—a success story that’s built on your passion for homemade, all natural, good ole fashioned beer. It’s not even as complicated as you might think, so bottoms up and let’s get started!

In This Book I Show You

Home Brewing In The US And The Laws
History Of Beer In The United States
Overview Of Brewing Your Own Beer
Bare Necessities
Ingredients You Will Need
Beer Making Process
A Beginner’s Test
Setting Up Your Home Brewing Project
How To Build Your Own Stir Plate
How To Keg Your Own Beer
How To Make Your Own Yeast Starters
How To Plant Your Own Hops
How To Make Your Own Crystal Malt
How To Do Maintenance On Your Equipment
How To Setup Your Brewing Project Outdoor
10 Of The Most Famous And Popular Home Brewing Recipes With Step By Step Instruction
Tips And Tricks To Making The Best Beer
How To Adjust Beer Gravity And Bitterness
Art Of Beer Serving Glass And Types