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The Self and Self-Knowledge

Posted By: insetes
The Self and Self-Knowledge

The Self and Self-Knowledge By Annalisa Coliva (editor)
2012 | 320 Pages | ISBN: 0199590656 | PDF | 7 MB

A team of leading experts investigate a range of philosophical issues to do with the self and self-knowledge. Self and Self-Knowledge focuses on two main problems: how to account for I-thoughts and the consequences that doing so would have for our notion of the self; and how to explainsubjects' ability to know the kind of psychological states they enjoy, which characteristically issues in psychological self-ascriptions.The first section of the volume consists of essays that, by appealing to different considerations which range from the normative to the phenomenological, offer an assessment of the animalist conception of the self. The second section presents an examination as well as a defence of the new epistemicparadigm, largely associated with recent work by Christopher Peacocke, according to which knowledge of our own mental states and actions should be based on an awareness of them and of our attempts to bring them about. The last section explores a range of different perspectives--from neo-expressivismto constitutivism--in order to assess the view that self-knowledge is more robust than any other form of knowledge. While the contributors differ in their specific philosophical positions, they all share the view that careful philosophical analysis is needed before scientific research can befruitfully brought to bear on the issues at hand. These thought-provoking essays provide such an analysis and greatly deepen our understanding of these central aspects of our mentality.