199 Days : The Battle for Stalingrad

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Edwin P. Hoyt, "199 Days : The Battle for Stalingrad", Forge Books | ISBN 0312868537 | 1999 Year | PDF | ~4 Mb | 304 Pages

The epic battle of Stalingrad will be remembered as one of history’s most savage conflicts. Here world-renowned military historian Edwin P. Hoyt tells the full story of this bloody battle, using documents from Moscow and American archives as well as first-person testimonials from Stalingrad’s heroic survivors.
With the dramatic power of a first-rate storyteller, Hoyt recreates the words and deeds of the battle’s chief participants: its ruthless warlords, Hitler and Stalin; its fabled generals, von Paulus and Marshal Zhukov; its soldiers and civilians who fought, bled and died. In this thought-provoking and grimly fascinating book, Hoyt gives some startling and illuminating insights into this crucial battle.