Innovations of Kansei Engineering

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Innovations of Kansei Engineering

Mitsuo Nagamachi, Anitawati Mohd Lokman - Innovations of Kansei Engineering
Published: 2010-09-17 | ISBN: 1439818665 | PDF | 152 pages | 4 MB

In a market place flooded with consumer goods, the modern consumer has become incredibly savvy. They have developed to a point where they consider such things as what makes them look beautiful, what improves their character, and how a product enhances the value of life. If future product developers do not strategize the market-in concept, consumers will very likely turn their backs on those products.
Written by Mitsuo Nagamachi, the founder of the technology, Innovations of Kansei Engineering elucidates Kansei Engineering, a unique product development technology based on the customer’s feelings, wants, and needs. It defines the technology, its methods, and the developmental process related to designing a product. The book discusses how to:
Break down the design into separate elements
Interpret the Kansei of each element
Design the overall product
The text details how to construct the intelligent computer system to support new product development using the neural network model and fuzzy logic. It also addresses product quality control management and presents statistical methods of design. Using this innovative technique, you can turn your vision into a shape that can then be transformed into consumer goods that stand out.