VSTO for Mere Mortals [Repost]

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VSTO for Mere Mortals [Repost]

Kathleen McGrath, Paul R. Stubbs - VSTO for Mere Mortals: A VBA Developer's Guide to Microsoft Office Development Using Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office
Published: 2007-01-08 | ISBN: 0321426711 | PDF | 689 pages | 15 MB

VSTO for Mere Mortals™ is for VBA developers who are interested in migrating their skills to the next generation of Office development. Readers will benefit from a straightforward, practical introduction to writing managed code applications for Word 2003, Excel 2003, and Outlook 2003. Readers will also learn how to create add-ins for the most popular applications for Office 2003 and the 2007 Microsoft Office system using VSTO 2005 SE.
The expert authors provide a wealth of code samples that show off popular features of VSTO, such as smart tags and the actions pane. Sample code also shows you how to customize the new UI features of the 2007 Microsoft Office system, including the ribbon, custom task pane, and Outlook forms region.
VBA developers will walk away with
A greater understanding of managed code and the Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE)
Multiple demonstrations on how to create document-level customizations for Word 2003 and Excel 2003, using view controls, data binding, and the actions pane
A comprehensive overview of add-in development for Outlook 2003
Useful information on securing and deploying solutions created with VSTO and VSTO 2005 SE
A thorough explanation on how to migrate VBA solutions to Visual Basic 2005 and VSTO
Numerous details on customizing the ribbon, custom task pane, and Outlook form regions by developing VSTO 2005 SE add-ins for the 2007 Microsoft Office system