Nanofabrication: Techniques and Principles(Repost)

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Nanofabrication: Techniques and Principles(Repost)

Nanofabrication: Techniques and Principles by Maria Stepanova
English | 2012 | ISBN: 3709104238 | 344 Pages | PDF | 12.19 MB

Intended to update scientists and engineers on the current state of the art in a variety of key techniques used extensively in the fabrication of structures at the nanoscale. The present work covers the essential technologies for creating sub 25 nm features lithographically, depositing layers with nanometer control, and etching patterns and structures at the nanoscale. A distinguishing feature of this book is a focus not on extension of microelectronics fabrication, but rather on techniques applicable for building NEMS, biosensors, nanomaterials, photonic crystals, and other novel devices and structures that will revolutionize society in the coming years.