Modern Traditions: Contemporary Architecture in India

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Klaus-Peter Gast, "Modern Traditions: Contemporary Architecture in India"
Birkhäuser Basel | ISBN 3764377542 | 1 edition (May 3, 2007) | PDF | 17.8 Mb | 128 pages

India is a lively and diverse country that in recent years has developed into one of the largest industrialized nations in the world. This process is also reflected in its architecture. Recent developments betray a new consciousness and the search for an Indian identity. International influences are merging with traditional styles to create a unique new architectural language, which also bears the stamp of Le Corbusier and Louis Kahn, who worked there.

In its introduction, the book depicts the rise of modern architecture in India since independence in 1947. The main section describes the important tendencies of contemporary Indian architecture in thematic chapters, each with built examples. In addition to the new younger generation of Indian architects, it also considers the first post-independence generation, including Balkrishna Doshi and Charles Correa.





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