The Physics of Golf (Repost)

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The Physics of Golf (Repost)

The Physics of Golf By Theodore P. Jorgensen (auth.)
1999 | 189 Pages | ISBN: 038798691X | PDF | 6 MB

Improve your golf game by learning the underlying fundamentals of the golf swing in this acclaimed, unique contribution to the sport. Finally, you’ll understand: why shortening your backswing doesn’t substantially decrease clubhead velocity what components contribute to the optimal swing and what variations are acceptable how and why properly shifting your weight adds to distance why a golf ball behaves and spins as it doesand much more. Written by a physicist after some twenty years of research, Physics of Golf is the only book devoted exclusively to explaining the science behind a successful golf game. Technical appendices offer details for the so inclined. The revised and expanded second now offers you:-new material on high-tech club designs -a complete new chapter on short putts -additional applications of physics to the problems every player faces. "Jorgensen tells golfers what they ought to be doing and why, the correct technique according to the principles of physics." -Golf Weekly"…gives new insights and precise views into the forces and torques developed in the downswing…Thank you, Dr. Jorgensen…We will all treasure your book." -American Golf Pro"The heart of golfer Ted Jorgensen’s delightful book lies in his analysis of the swing of the golf club and how, armed with insights from that analysis, you, he and I might all swing the club better and play better golf…[The book] is designed to be accessible to the casual reader while satisfying the critical student. But first word or last, for anyone who has swung a golf club, the book is fun to read." -Physics Today"This very enjoyable book covers most aspects of golf from the swing, to club selection, golf balls, and human motion." -Applied Mechanics Review