Create Web Charts with D3 (Repost)

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Create Web Charts with D3 (Repost)

Create Web Charts with D3 By Fabio Nelli
2014 | 316 Pages | ISBN: 1484208668 | PDF | 9 MB

Create Web Charts with D3 shows how to convert your data into eye-catching, innovative, animated, and highly interactive browser-based charts. This book is suitable for developers of all experience levels and needs: if you want power and control and need to create data visualization beyond traditional charts, then D3 is the JavaScript library for you. By the end of the book, you will have a good knowledge of all the elements needed to manage data from every possible source, from high-end scientific instruments to Arduino boards, from PHP SQL databases queries to simple HTML tables, and from Matlab calculations to reports in Excel. This book contains content previously published in Beginning JavaScript Charts.