5. Romanian grammar: Present Tense

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5. Romanian grammar: Present Tense

5. Romanian grammar: Present Tense
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Forming the present tense of regular or irregular verbs

What you'll learn
Identify the parts of infinitive: preposition, stem, ending
Identify the four types of conjugations
Form the present tense under each conjugation
Form the present tense of irregular verbs
English speaking and listening skills (intermediate)
Basic notions of English Grammar
Phonetics course (free on Udemy) completed
In 12 lessons, including over 3 hours of video teaching material and more than 200 questions, you will acquire the necessary grammar knowledge to form the simple present in the Romanian language. Focus is on

Overview of tenses

Infinitive and conjugations

Forming the present tense of regular and irregular verbs

The personal pronoun in Nominative (cannot proceed to the declension of verbs at Present Tense without it)

The Romanian language's present tense is a complex tense with ramifications in many other tenses and a strong set of Grammar rules. Those really willing to correctly speak Romanian need to master these rules. The course comes with quizzes and practice tests cumulating over 200 teachers' validated questions concerning the subject. In addition, questions are linked to the topics. PDF Documentation is attached and can be downloaded at the end of the last Section.

This course (as the entire series published by me under the Romanian Language) is 100% based on grammar concepts. Please be aware that this course has no vocabulary or conversations that you may listen to and repeat to avoid false expectations. You can easily find basic conversations movies on YouTube. I teach the Romanian language for those interested in understanding the grammar of present tense: rules to identify the infinitive, identify the conjugations, identify the verbs requiring infixes during conjugation, form the present tense of regular verbs based on their conjugation.

To ensure a smooth progression, if you start from 0, please make sure you study the previous (free of charge) course I prepared on phonetics.

Good luck!

Who this course is for
Learners willing to learn Romanian grammar rules in relation to Present Tense
Learners struggling to master Romanian Present Tense