Advanced Spoken Chinese: Volume 1

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Advanced Spoken Chinese: Volume 1

Chen Ru, Zhang Qiwang, "Advanced Spoken Chinese: Volume 1"
English | 1997 | ISBN: 7800520706 | PDF | pages: 200 | 9,4 mb

Foreign students of Chinese who already have a command of everyday spoken Chinese will subsequently develop a need for further study. They will want not only to broaden their vocabulary in spoken Chinese and to master common sentence patterns, but also to be able to adapt to various language situations, so that they can enjoy ever-broadening social interactions and express complex thoughts and feelings. At the same time they will hope to gain a deeper understanding of the cultural background of Chinese society and the inner world of the Chinese people.
In view of the above needs we have compiled Advanced Spoken Chinese. The texts are selected from works which have a strong spoken language co.itent. These works have rich and varied patterns of oral expression. They reflect the condition of Chinese society, especially the customs and sentiments of the people.

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