The Book of Household Management

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The Book of Household Management

The Book of Household Management by Isabella Beeton
Publisher: Oxford Paperbacks; Abridged edition edition 2006 | 913 Pages | ISBN: 0199536333 | PDF | 2.1 MB

In this book author have attempted to give, under the chapters devoted to cookery, an intelligible arrangement to every recipe, a list of the ingredients, a plain statement of the mode of preparing each dish, and a careful estimate of its cost, the number of people for whom it is sufficient, and the time when it is seasonable. For the matter of the recipes, author indebted, in some measure, to many correspondents of the “Englishwoman’s Domestic Magazine,” who have obligingly placed at her disposal their formulas for many original preparations…

Published Originally By S. O. Beeton in 24 Monthly Parts 1859-1861. First Published in a Bound Edition 1861.

The Book of Household Management

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