Deactivation and Testing of Hydrocarbon-Processing Catalysts

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Deactivation and Testing of Hydrocarbon-Processing Catalysts

Deactivation and Testing of Hydrocarbon-Processing Catalysts By Paul O'Connor, Toru Takatsuka, and Geoffrey L. Woolery (Eds.)
1996 | 464 Pages | ISBN: 0841234116 | PDF | 11 MB

Content: Philosophical overview of testing / Paul O'Connor, Geoffrey L. Woolery, and Toru Takatsuka -- Advantages, possibilities, and limitations of small-scale testing of catalysts for fixed-bed processes / S.T. Sie -- Evaluating pore structure and morphology of hydrocarbon-conversion catalysts / R. Mann, K. Khalaf, and A. Al-Lamy -- Deactivation of zeolite catalysts by coke / T. Masuda and K. Hashimoto -- Modes of coking and deactivation of acid zeolite catalysts / M. Guisnet, P. Magnoux, and K. Moljord -- Catalyst coking, activation, and deactivation / P.A. Sermon, M.S.W. Vong, and M. Matheson -- NMR techniques for studying the coking of zeolite-based catalysts / J.L. Bonardet, M.C. Barrage, and J. Fraissard -- Characterization of fluid catalytic cracking catalyst coke by ¹³C NMR and mass spectrometry / B.J. McGhee, J.M. Andresen, C.E. Snape, R. Hughes, C.L. Koon, and G. Hutchings -- Catalyst decay as a side reaction of the chain processes of catalytic cracking / B.W. Wojciechowski and N.M. Rice -- Catalyst deactivation in fluid catalytic cracking : a review of mechanisms and testing methods / Paul O'Connor, E. Brevoord, A.C. Pouwels, and H.N.J. Wijngaards -- Sodium deactivation of fluid catalytic cracking catalyst / Xinjin Zhao and Wu-Cheng Cheng -- Contaminant-metal deactivation and metal-dehydrogenation effects during cyclic propylene steaming of fluid catalytic cracking catalysts / Lori T. Boock, Thomas F. Petti, and John A. Rudesill -- Catalyst deactivation in adiabatic prereforming : experimental methods and models for prediction of performance / Thomas S. Christensen and Jens Rostrup-Nielsen -- Mechanism of deactivation in reforming catalysts at start of run / Yaofang Liu, Guoqing Pan, and Jiujin Yang -- Catalyst deactivation in commercial residue hydrodesulfurization / Hiroki Koyama, Eiichi Nagai, and Hideaki Kumagai -- Deactivation of light naphtha aromatization catalyst / S. Fukase, N. Igarashi, K. Aimoto, and K. Kato -- Effect of process conditions and catalyst properties on catalyst deactivation in residue hydroprocessing / M. Absi-Halabi and A. Stanislaus -- Catalyst deactivation in hydrodemetallization / J.P. Janssens, A.D. van Langeveld, S.T. Sie, and J.A. Moulijn -- Activity and coking rate of catalysts deactivated by fast-coking species added to the feed / Dady B. Dadyburjor, Zhenyu Liu, Shigeki Matoba, Shinichi Osanai, and Tetsuya Shirooka -- Pilot reactor testing of the effect of naphtha boiling point in catalytic reforming / K. Moljord, K. Grande, I. Tanem, and A. Holmen -- Vanadium mobility in fluid catalytic cracking / Richard F. Wormsbecher, Wu-Cheng Cheng, Gwan Kim, and Robert H. Harding -- Improved methods for testing and assessing deactivation from vanadium interaction with fluid catalytic cracking catalyst / Bruce Lerner and Michel Deeba -- Riser simulator: testing of adsorption effects / Jacek Pruski, Ahmet Pekediz, and Hugo de Lasa -- Development of a bench-scale fluid catalytic cracking microriser / M.P. Helmsing, M. Makkee, and J.A. Moulijn -- Evaluation of coke selectivity of fluid catalytic cracking catalysts / E. Brevoord, A.C. Pouwels, F.P.P. Olthof, H.N.J. Wijngaards, and Paul O'Connor -- Correlation of catalyst performance between laboratory tests and commercial units for hydrotreating residual oil / Yoshimitsu Miyauchi, Takeshi Hashiguchi, Naoto Kimbara, and Katsuhisa Fujita -- Life testing of light hydrocarbon aromatization catalysts / K. Hirabayashi, F. Igarashi, and T. Kondou -- Performance testing of hydroconversion catalysts / W.H.J. Stork -- Development of a test procedure to evaluate fluid catalytic cracking catalyst regenerability / V.L.N. Murthy, S. Debnath, M. Rama Rao, S.K. Ray, A.K. Das, and S. Ghosh -- A catalyst deactivation model for residual oil hydrodesulfurization and application to deep hydrodesulfurization of diesel fuel / Toru Takatsuka, Yukitaka Wada, and Shin-ichi Inoue -- Modeling catalytic deactivation of benzene hydrogenation / Paul F. Meier and Marvin M. Johnson.