PHP Ajax Cookbook

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PHP Ajax Cookbook

PHP Ajax Cookbook By Milan Sedliak, Rajesh Jeba R. Anbiah, Roshan Bhattarai
2011 | 340 Pages | ISBN: 1849513082 | PDF | 4 MB

60 simple but incredibly effective recipes for Ajaxification of web 2.0 sites. Learn how to develop and deploy iPhone web and native apps. Optimize the performance of Ajax applications. Build dynamic websites with faster response from the server using the asynchronous call feature of PHP Ajax. Using Ajax allows quick and efficient access of data from the server, thus precluding a total web page refresh. Leverage the power of PHP Ajax using practical recipes with example codes. In Detail Ajax is the necessary paradigm in Web 2.0 sites. Most of the Web 2.0 sites are built with PHP and Ajax. Extending AJAX is about delivering front-end service for accessing back-end services in PHP in a quick and easy manner. With this book in hand, you will learn how to use the necessary tools for Ajaxification of websites and iPhones. PHP AJAX cookbook will teach you how to use the combination of PHP AJAX as a powerful platform for websites or web applications. Using AJAX for Communication with Server leads to faster response with PHP at the back-end services. The combination of AJAX PHP has many features such as speeding up the user experience, giving your web client much quicker response time and letting the client browser retrieve data from the server without having to refresh the whole page. You will learn the nuances of optimization and debugging Ajax applications. Further, you will learn how to program Ajax on iPhone devices. This book will teach you popular selector-based JavaScript followed by important concepts on debugging, optimization and best practices. There is a collection of recipes focused on creating basic utilities such as validating form using Ajax and creating a five star rating system. As jQuery is quite popular, useful tools and jQuery plugins like Ajax tooltips, tab navigation, autocomplete, shopping cart, and Ajax chat are covered subsequently. By the end of chapter 7 you will learn to visually speed up website responsiveness to building SEO-friendly Ajax websites. Also get to know about all popular Ajax webservices and APIs like Twitter, Facebook and Google Maps which are covered in Ajax Mashups. Finally, step-by-step recipes are presented to build iPhone apps using basic libraries and everyday useful Ajax tools. Build rich interactive web 2.0 sites with rich standards and Mashups around PHP Ajax. What you will learn from this book Understand Basic form validation and form handling tools Learn Debugging and troubleshooting techniques to make your site perform even quicker Integrate Web 2.0 APIs for Flickr, Picasa, Facebook and Twitter Build chat application using Comet technology Write optimized code using Ajax asynchronous calls to improve website responsiveness Implement best practices to build SEO-friendly websites Become a skilled iPhone app developer using Ajax Approach This book contains a collection of recipes with step-by-step directions to build SEO-friendly websites using standard Ajax tools. Each recipe contains behind-the-scene explanations to PHP Ajax questions. Who this book is written for This book is an ideal resource for people who like to add Ajax features to websites and who prefer standards and best practices for building SEO-friendly websites. As the book covers advanced topics, readers need to be aware of basic PHP, JavaScript and XML features.