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Dating Essentials for Men: Frequently Asked Questions

Posted By: l3ivo
Dating Essentials for Men: Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Robert Glover, "Dating Essentials for Men: Frequently Asked Questions"
English | 2021 | ASIN: B09JKQTJJG | 301 pages | AZW3 | 0.43 MB

Dating Essentials for Men: Frequently Asked Questions is the companion to the 2019 publication, Dating Essentials for Men – an overnight Amazon #1 New Release.

The Dating Essentials for Men philosophy is built on principles of conscious dating that teaches men how to create the kind of authentic polarity that naturally attracts women to them. It is a powerful alternative to games, tricks, seduction, pickup, negs, spinning plates, hypnosis, and cocky-funny routines – the staple of dating advice from so-called dating gurus and pickup artists.

The ground-breaking wisdom of DEFM came out of author Dr. Robert Glover’s personal experience of learning how to date in his late forties. A life-long bad dater, Glover decided to approach dating as if it were a scientific experiment. To his surprise, he quickly found that talking with women, getting numbers, dating multiple women, and experiencing frequent sex, was nowhere near as difficult as he had thought. He often wondered what planet he had landed on when he found women approaching him, propositioning him, and getting naked on first dates.

From this amazingly successful experiment, Dr. Glover created his Dating Essentials for Men coaching program which he has taught to thousands of men. Over the years, Dr. Glover has responded with candor, color, humor, and honesty to thousands of questions about all aspects of dating, relationships, women, and sex. This book, Dating Essentials for Men: Frequently Asked Questions, contains Dr. Glover’s answers to almost 300 frequently asked questions broken down into 97 subjects.

Dr. Glover gives countless gems of insight and information you will not find anywhere else:

“Thinking causes anxiety, acting cures it.”
“Test, don’t guess.”
“Women don’t put men in the friend zone, men put themselves there.”
“A woman can’t follow where a man doesn’t lead.”
“Women don’t f**k a man they have gotten to know; they get to know the man they want to f**k.”

Dating Essentials for Men: Frequently Asked Questions will help you:

Overcome self-limiting beliefs
Effectively test for interest
Blast through your fear of rejection
Become an integrated manwhore
Create powerful polarity that naturally attracts the best women to you
Let go of attachment to outcome
Stay out of the friend zone
Set the tone and take the lead
Create positive emotional tension
Embrace your sexual agenda
Play kinky sex games
Deal with getting ghosted
Become a good ender
This book is overflowing with tested and proven information and tools. If you are ready to attract the best women and get the love and sex you want – the one-two punch of Dating Essentials for Men and Dating Essentials for Men: Frequently Asked Questions are the only dating guides you will ever need.