Corpus Linguistics and African Englishes

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Corpus Linguistics and African Englishes

Corpus Linguistics and African Englishes (Studies in Corpus Linguistics, v. 88) by Alexandra U. Esimaje, Ulrike Gut, Bassey E. Antia
2019 | ISBN: 9027202192 | English | 413 pages | PDF | 16 MB

Corpus linguistics has become one of the most widely used methodologies across the different linguistic subdisciplines; especially the study of world-wide varieties of English uses corpus-based investigations as one of the chief methodologies. This volume comprises descriptions of the many new corpus initiatives both within and outside Africa that aim to compile various corpora of African Englishes. Moreover, it contains cutting-edge corpus-based research on African Englishes and the use of corpora in pedagogic contexts within African institutions. This volume thus serves both as a practical introduction to corpus compilation (Part I of the book), corpus-based research (Part II) and the application of corpora in language teaching (Part III), and is intended both for those researchers not yet familiar with corpus linguistics and as a reference work for all international researchers investigating the linguistic properties of African Englishes.