Being Byzantine

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Being Byzantine

Being Byzantine
Publisher: University | ISBN: 9780511457609 | edition 2008 | PDF | 346 pages | 2,51 mb

In 1204 Europe ostensibly taking part in the Fourth Crusade. This was a hugely significant event for the subjects of the empire, radically altering the Byzantines’ self-image and weakening their state for the later conflict with theOttoman Turks. Using the heory of ethnicity – a comparatively recent tool with regard to the pre-modern era – Gill Page provides fresh insight into the late Byzantine period, providing a corrective to nationalistic interpretations of the period of Frankish rule and more broadly to generally held assumptions of ethnic hostility in the period. A systematic analysis of texts in Greek from the period, from both ends of the social spectrum, is backed up by an in-depth study of Frankish rule in the Peloponnese to revealthe trends in the development of Byzantine identity under the impact of the Franks.
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