Biofuel's Engineering Process Technology

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Biofuel's Engineering Process Technology

Marco Aurélio dos Santos Bernardes, "Biofuel's Engineering Process Technology"
InTech | 2011 | ISBN: 9789533074801 | 742 pages | PDF | 32,3 MB

This book aspires to be a comprehensive summary of current biofuels issues and thereby contribute to the understanding of this important topic. Readers will find themes including biofuels development efforts, their implications for the food industry, current and future biofuels crops, the successful Brazilian ethanol program, insights of the first, second, third and fourth biofuel generations, advanced biofuel production techniques, related waste treatment, emissions and environmental impacts, water consumption, produced allergens and toxins. Additionally, the biofuel policy discussion is expected to be continuing in the foreseeable future and the reading of the biofuels features dealt with in this book, are recommended for anyone interested in understanding this diverse and developing theme.