Hamiltonian Dynamics (Repost)

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Hamiltonian Dynamics (Repost)

Gaetano Vilasi, "Hamiltonian Dynamics"
2001 | pages: 457 | ISBN: 9810233086 | DJVU | 5,6 mb

This is both a textbook and a monograph. It is partially based on a two-semester course, held by the author for third-year students in physics and mathematics at the University of Salerno, on analytical mechanics, differential geometry, symplectic manifolds and integrable systems.As a textbook, it provides a systematic and self-consistent formulation of Hamiltonian dynamics both in a rigorous coordinate language and in the modern language of differential geometry. It also presents powerful mathematical methods of theoretical physics, especially in gauge theories and general relativity.As a monograph, the book deals with the advanced research topic of completely integrable dynamics, with both finitely and infinitely many degrees of freedom, including geometrical structures of solitonic wave equations.

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