Adaptive Control Design and Analysis

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Adaptive Control Design and Analysis

Adaptive Control Design and Analysis by Gang Tao
English | 2003 | ISBN: 0471274526 | 640 Pages | DJVU | 10.8 MB

Today, adaptive control theory has grown to be a rigorous and mature discipline. As the advantages of adaptive systems for developing advanced applications grow apparent, adaptive control is becoming more popular in many fields of engineering and science. Using a simple, balanced, and harmonious style, this book provides a convenient introduction to the subject and improves one's understanding of adaptive control theory.

Adaptive Control Design and Analysis features:
- Introduction to systems and control
- Stability, operator norms, and signal convergence
- Adaptive parameter estimation
- State feedback adaptive control designs
- Parametrization of state observers for adaptive control
- Unified continuous and discrete-time adaptive control
- L1+a robustness theory for adaptive systems
- Direct and indirect adaptive control designs
- Benchmark comparison study of adaptive control designs
- Multivariate adaptive control
- Nonlinear adaptive control
- Adaptive compensation of actuator nonlinearities
- End-of-chapter discussion, problems, and advanced topics

As either a textbook or reference, this self-contained tutorial of adaptive control design and analysis is ideal for practicing engineers, researchers, and graduate students alike.