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Advanced Hand Mudras Course - Energy Healing Hand Positions

Posted By: ELK1nG
Advanced Hand Mudras Course - Energy Healing Hand Positions

Advanced Hand Mudras Course - Energy Healing Hand Positions
Published 6/2022
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Language: English | Size: 1.44 GB | Duration: 1h 33m

Further your Hand Mudra abilities to improve your physical, emotional, or spiritual body. Accredited Certificate Course

What you'll learn
Obtain an accredited Advanced Hand Mudras Certificate
Use Advanced Hand Mudras for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing
Use these hand gestures for healing, meditation, and yoga
Learn Melissa's Hand Mudra "set" for Reiki and energy healing
Learn Melissa's Hand Mudra "set" for Higher Chakra evolution
Be able to use "Formation Boosting" with Hand Mudras for increased benefit
Prerequisite: Students *must* have already completed the introductory Energy Healing Hand Mudras course
Have an open mind and open heart
Have access to the internet
Be able to watch & listen to video tutorials online
Be able to download and view PDF files
Be able to download and listen to MP3 files
== WHAT TO EXPECT ==As the course name implies, you're about to discover a more varied series of healing hand gestures, most of which I consider more ‘advanced’ than what I teach in my introductory course, Learning the Power of Mudras: Energy Healing Hand Positions.Because there are so many Hand Mudras which can aid in a multitude of ways (over 28 just in this book!), I’ve taken quite some time to correlate the hand positions with specific physical body systems, as well as emotional and energetic systems. I’ve done this to make future reference easier when you’re looking up which Mudra to use for a particular issue.What’s more, as you progress through the course, you won’t just build upon the catalogue of hand formations you can do. But will also learn to integrate healing crystals and powerful affirmations in conjunction with the Hand Mudras to make their efficacy even more profound.This course will be your steadfast guide whether you’re doing a Hand Mudra for yourself, for a friend or client, or for your meditation or yoga group!Prerequisite note: To understand the contents of this course and be able to reference some of the more fundamental gestures I refer to in it, you must also have completed my introductory course: Energy Healing Hand Positions Mudra Course Certification.== WHAT'S INCLUDED ==Once enrolled, you'll need to download the course book, written by Melissa: Advanced Hand Mudras (PDF). The book covers everything in great detail, including photos of the gestures for easy reference offline.As you progress through this course, you'll learn the Hand Mudras for the physical body, emotional body, and spiritual body.  Then to help ensure you have everything you need to get the most out of this course, you'll be able to download a total of 29 Hand Mudra practice audios (MP3) so it's easier for you to learn the gestures! Once you've completed the entire course, you'll have all that you need to take your healing Hand Mudras to a whole new level, whether for yourself or for others!Once you've completed the entire course, gone through all the lectures and practiced when prompted, if you choose to, you'll be able to take my Advanced Hand Mudras Final Exam.  Upon successful completion, you'll receive a beautiful Certificate of Completion (PDF) and a Digital Seal of Completion (JPG)! Lastly, as I continue to add more helpful information to this course over time, you'll have lifetime access to it! Enjoy your journey sweet friend. Big love!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome to the course

Lecture 2 Course prerequisite

Lecture 3 There’s more than one way

Lecture 4 Important course information and contacting Melissa

Lecture 5 Download your course handbook (PDF)

Section 2: Chapter 1. Methods

Lecture 6 Introducing methods

Lecture 7 - Passive-use

Lecture 8 - Balanced-use

Lecture 9 - Active-use

Lecture 10 Introducing crystal uses

Lecture 11 - Crystal uses

Lecture 12 - A few more notes on crystals

Lecture 13 Purposeful affirmation use

Lecture 14 Formation boosting

Lecture 15 Be aware and don’t overdo it :)

Section 3: Chapter 2. Physical body hand mudras

Lecture 16 Introducing the physical body systems

Lecture 17 Integumentary system

Lecture 18 - The Bee (Bhramara) Mudra

Lecture 19 - God of Water (Varuna) Mudra

Lecture 20 Skeletal system

Lecture 21 - Back Mudra

Lecture 22 - Joint Mudra

Lecture 23 Muscular system

Lecture 24 - Fish (Matsya) Mudra

Lecture 25 - Elephant (Ganesha) Mudra

Lecture 26 Nervous system

Lecture 27 - Calming (Adhi) Mudra

Lecture 28 Endocrine system

Lecture 29 - Trident (Trishula) Mudra

Section 4: Chapter 2. Continued - physical body hand mudras

Lecture 30 Cardiovascular system

Lecture 31 - Mother Earth (Bhu) Mudra

Lecture 32 Lymphatic system

Lecture 33 - God of Inner Harmony (Matangi) Mudra

Lecture 34 Respiratory system

Lecture 35 - Bronchial Mudra

Lecture 36 - Lung Mudra

Lecture 37 Digestive system

Lecture 38 - Earth (Prithivi) Mudra

Lecture 39 - Nourishment (Pushan) Mudra

Lecture 40 Renal system

Lecture 41 - Surrender (Pranidhana) Mudra

Lecture 42 - Fluid (Bhudi) Mudra

Lecture 43 Reproductive system

Lecture 44 - Trinity (Trimurti) Mudra

Lecture 45 - Shell (Shankh) Mudra

Section 5: Chapter 3. Emotional body hand mudras

Lecture 46 Introducing the emotional body

Lecture 47 Anger

Lecture 48 - Fist (Mushti) Mudra

Lecture 49 Anxiety

Lecture 50 - Fearlessness (Abhaya) Mudra

Lecture 51 Boredom

Lecture 52 Calmness

Lecture 53 Compassion

Lecture 54 - Heart & Inner Guidance (Hridaya) Mudra

Lecture 55 Confusion

Lecture 56 Happiness

Lecture 57 Jealousy

Lecture 58 - Self-trust (Vajrapradama) Mudra

Lecture 59 Love

Lecture 60 Sadness

Lecture 61 Self-esteem

Lecture 62 - Determination (Mushtika) Mudra

Section 6: Chapter 4. Spiritual body hand mudras

Lecture 63 Introducing the spiritual body

Lecture 64 Ancestral and/or karmic healing

Lecture 65 - Liberation (Bhairava) Mudra

Lecture 66 Expanding enlightenment

Lecture 67 - Universal Enlightenment (Dharma Chakra) Mudra

Lecture 68 Nurturing ethereal gifts

Section 7: Chapter 4. Continued - spiritual body hand mudras

Lecture 69 Introducing Higher Chakra mudras

Lecture 70 Soul (Soul Star) Chakra

Lecture 71 - Inner Self Mudra

Lecture 72 Spirit (Stellar Gateway) Chakra

Lecture 73 - Heavenly (Shunya) Mudra

Lecture 74 Soma Chakra

Lecture 75 Causal Vortex Chakra

Lecture 76 Alta Major Chakra

Lecture 77 - Oneness (Mani Ratna) Mudra

Section 8: Chapter 5. FAQ

Lecture 78 Is there a Mudra to help with wealth and abundance?

Lecture 79 - God of Wealth (Kubera) Mudra

Lecture 80 Are there Mudras to balance all bodily systems, or all personal Chakras, at once

Lecture 81 Is there a good “set” of Mudras energy healers or Reiki practitioners can use?

Lecture 82 - Melissa's Reiki preparation 'Mudras set'

Lecture 83 Is there a good “set” of Mudras for Higher Chakra evolution?

Lecture 84 - Melissa's Higher Chakra 'Mudras set'

Lecture 85 Additional FAQ

Section 9: Chapter 6. Closing thoughts & gratitude

Lecture 86 A thank you from Melissa :)

Lecture 87 Bloopers & outtakes

Lecture 88 Bonus Lecture

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