Airborne Forces of the Cold War

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Airborne Forces of the Cold War

Airborne Forces of the Cold War By Leroy Thompson
Publisher: Greenhill Books 2003 | 72 Pages | ISBN: 1853675652 | PDF | 41 MB

Leroy Thompson's unparalleled knowledge and experience of special forces along with his unique and previously unpublished photographs make this an indispensible addition to the GI Series. The pictures and detailed captions give a thorough illustrated history of these soldiers along with the uniforms and equipment used during nearly 50 years of duty in Europe, Vietnam, Korea, Central America and in the United States. This book demonstrates the range of situations in which Airborne forces served as well the versatitlity of such well-trained and well-equiped troops. There are pictures of assault helicopters, transport aircraft, weaponry and individual equipment taken in combat and in training at locations across the globe from Arkanasas to Vietnam.


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