Alexander The Great And The Macedonian Empire

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Alexander The Great And The Macedonian Empire

Alexander The Great And The Macedonian Empire
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With the exception of Jesus Christ, virtually no figure in antiquity is more renowned in the history of the West than Alexander the Great. His feats are the stuff of legend, inspiring medieval romances, painting and sculptures, and even blockbuster movies. And more than two millennia after the legendary ruler's death, Alexander's remarkable victory over the Persians in 331 B.C. still stands as an emblem for superlative military leadership. The young Julius Caesar compared his achievements to those of the Macedonian king—and found them lacking. Napoleon styled himself as a new Alexander, even invading Egypt in the shadow of his Macedonian predecessor. Even U.S. general Norman Schwarzkopf, when asked to comment on the U.S. victory in the Gulf War, cited a surprising inspiration: Alexander the Great. But the historical Alexander—the man behind the legend—is even more intriguing than the stories that have sprung up about him in the centuries since his death. Alexander was more than simply a battle lord or king; through his remarkable achievements, he changed the face of the ancient world and laid the foundation for the great traditions of the Roman Empire. And he did it all in fewer than 12 years. In Alexander the Great and the Macedonian Empire, go beyond the myth to learn about this great military leader and his world. In 36 spellbinding lectures, you'll enter the world of Alexander and witness the astonishing feats of military genius that made his name renowned for millennia after his death. Your guide into the life of this legendary leader is Professor Kenneth W. Harl of Tulane University. An expert on the classical world, Professor Harl presents Alexander within the context of his life and times. You'll see Alexander as the successor to great political and cultural traditions as well as an innovative military genius who forged a new world order. Through this detailed portrait, you'll go beyond the legends and the myths to truly understand what made Alexander great.

00. Professor Bio
01. Alexander The Great - Conqueror Or Tyrant
02. Greece In The Age Of Hegemonies
03. Achaemenid Persia
04. The World Of Early Macedon
05. Philip Ii And The Macedonian Way Of War
06. The Third Sacred War
07. The Macedonian Conquest Of Greece
08. The League Of Corinth
09. Alexander, Heir Apparent
10. Securing The Inheritance, 336 - 335 B.C.
11. The Invasion Of Asia
12. The Battle Of The Granicus
13. The Turning Point - Issus And Tyre
14. Alexander, Pharaoh Of Egypt
15. Heroes, Oracles, And The Gods
16. The Campaign Of Gaugamela
17. The Conquest Of Iran
18. Alexander On The Rim Of The World
19. Governing And Taxing The Empire
20. Alexander And The Macedonianopposition
21. The Invasion Of India
22. The Battle Of The Hydaspes
23. Mutiny And Withdrawal
24. The Gedrosian Desert And Voyage Of Nearchus
25. Deification And Succession
26._Alexander And The Macedonians - Opis
27. Alexander And The Greeks - The Lamian War
28. The Diadochoi, 323 - 316 B.C.
29. The Partition Of The Empire, 316 - 301 B.C.
30. The Hellenistic Concert Of Powers
31. Macedonian Courts In The Near East
32. The Hellenization Of The Near East
33. The Monetization Of The Near East
34. Hellenization And The Gods
35. The Limits Of Hellenization
36. Alexander The Great And The Shadow Of Rome

Alexander The Great And The Macedonian Empire

Alexander The Great And The Macedonian Empire

Alexander The Great And The Macedonian Empire

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