David Suzuki: The Autobiography

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David Suzuki: The Autobiography

David T. Suzuki, "David Suzuki: The Autobiography "
Publisher: Allen & Unwin Academic | 2006-01 | ISBN 1741147921 | PDF | 404 pages | 5.1 MB

The first volume of David Suzuki’s autobiography, Metamorphosis, looked back at his life from 1986, when he was 50. In this eagerly awaited second installment, Suzuki, now 70, reflects on his entire life — and on his hopes for the future. The book begins with his life-changing encounters with racism while interned in a Canadian concentration camp during World War II and continues through his troubled teenage years and later successes as a scientist and host of PBS's The Nature of Things. With characteristic candor and passion, he describes his growing consciousness of the natural world and humankind’s precarious place in it; his travels throughout the world and his meetings with international leaders, from Nelson Mandela to the Dalai Lama; and the abiding role of nature and family in his life. David Suzuki is an intimate and inspiring look at one of the most uncompromising people on the planet.

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