Cannibals: The Most Unthinkable and Heinous Crimes

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Cannibals: The Most Unthinkable and Heinous Crimes

Ray Black, "Cannibals: The Most Unthinkable and Heinous Crimes"
2011 | ASIN: B004LZ576C | ISBN-13: 9781907795244 | 196 pages | EPUB, MOBI | 1,5 MB


Is cannibalism the expression of an evil urge for revenge? A form of punishment? A religious rite or a sexual depravity?

Or is the taste for the flesh of another human being so irresistible that it is a mixture of all of these, driving one person to kill and devour another. This books delves into the gruesome history of cannibalism and explains the psychology behind anthropophagy – the four medically recognised areas of criminal cannibalism – sexual, aggressive, nutritional and spiritual/religious.

PART ONE CANNIBALISM AROUND THE WORLD including Easter Island, The Aztecs, The Congo, Russia, Captain Cook, Werewolves of France, The Marquis de Sade, Napoleon's March to Moscow, The Boyd Massacre.

CANNIBALISM MOST MACABRE including Sawney Bean, Albert Fish, Ed Kemper, Jeffrey Dahmer, Andrei Chikatilo, Ed Gein, Gary Heidnik, Fritz Haarmann