Search Engine Optimization Made (Stupidly) Easy - Vol. 6 of the Punk Rock Marketing Collection

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Search Engine Optimization Made (Stupidly) Easy - Vol. 6 of the Punk Rock Marketing Collection

Michael Rogan, "Search Engine Optimization Made (Stupidly) Easy - Vol. 6 of the Punk Rock Marketing Collection"
2013 | EPUB | 87 pages | ASIN: B00CKCQI7K | English | 0.1 MB

"This book isn't your typical typical SEO tome - it is a collection of short explanations, tips, and simple blueprints for someone who wants to optimize his or her web site so that is attractive to search engines." - Steve

"I learnt more about SEO tactics from this book in a couple of hours than I have in the last three weeks trying to drag myself through a huge text on the same subject." -Olivia

Search Engine marketing doesn't have to be as confusing as the last episode of "Lost." (And it certainly doens't have to involve any smoke monsters.)

In Search Engine Optimization That Doesn't Suck, Michal Rogan of Punk Rock Marketing shares his latest, cutting-edge tips on how to optimize your website for:

a) maximum visibility in the search engines; b) improved user experiences; and c) a much, much cheaper way to bring in new customers (and possible) customers into your marketing universe.

In Search Engine Optimization That Doesn't Suck you'll discover:

Chapter 1: Why Everything You Know About SEO is Wrong

This is where we tackle some of the common questions surrounding SEO (Do keywords still work? Do exact-name domains still work? How important are backlinks now? Can anybody promise you placement on Page 1 of Google)

Chapter 2: Why Your Website Sucks at SEO

Here we dig into the nuts-and-bolts of your website and blog, and why (most likely) you're missing key opportunities to boost the Search engine optimization of your site…and some easy fixes to remedy the situation.

Chapter 3: Content is Dead, Long Live the Content

Here we tackle the mostly misunderstood concept of "high-quality content" and show you exactly what "good website content" means and how to avoid posting content Google hates and will punish you for having on your site.

Chapter 4: How to Get Backlinks That Don't Suck

In this chapter we delve into the scary, shady world of backlinks. (Trust me, it's dark and scary place.) And give you the straight scoop on how backlinks actually work in SEO…and how to find good ones quickly and easily. (Without selling your soul.)

Chapter 5: Building Backlinks on the Social Media Train

Forget about all the junk about social media engagement. Here's where we discuss the SEO merits of social media platforms, like Twitter and Facebook, and how they can help get your content seen and indexed by the search engines in an effective and fast way.

Chapter 6: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Why spend years building your own SEO profile, when you can borrow/steal some credibility of the giants. In this chapter we show you some quick and easy ways to get some Search engine love from huge media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube…and even good old Amazon.

Chapter 7: It's About the User Experience, Stupid

Not only do humans need to navigate your website, but making sure human beings like your site is a HUGE factor in how Google ranks your site.

Here we show you 5 (totally free) tools to maximize the potential of your site to reach your marketing goals.

So, if you'd like a Ph.D. in Search Engine Optimization, without taking a single class, then check out Search Engine Optimization That Doesn't Suck and begin your journey of world-class domination!

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