What Women Really Want: 6 Tantric Sex Techniques for Men and Couples

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What Women Really Want: 6 Tantric Sex Techniques for Men and Couples

What Women Really Want: 6 Tantric Sex Techniques for Men and Couples by Ally Thomas
English | July 21, 2015 | ASIN: B012BT32SY | 103 pages | AZW3 | 0.247 Mb

What is Tantra?
Tantra is a buzz word that most people have heard, but not that many really understand. Some people think it’s a form of kinky sex, or have heard that Sting has tantric sex for over 5 hours. Others believe that it is esoteric, involving meditation and ritual.
There are many misconceptions about Tantra, because there is no way to describe the experience of Tantra and sacred sexuality. This book endeavours to explain its simplicity and shares some practical, fun ways to use Tantra in your life – through exercises, techniques and erotic and sensual massage.
Some words and testimonials that attempt to define it are given in the Glossary of this book. However it’s a bit like trying to explain sex to a virgin!
The chapter titles are based on the letters in the word TANTRA:
T is for Teasing …
A is for Aaah! (Breathing)
N is for Now
T is for Touch
R is for Rapport
A is for Amore (Love).
Each letter stands for an aspect of Tantra that you can use and practice – by yourself or with a partner – to improve your sex life, enrich your relationship, empower your lover and reach higher fulfillment together, inside your sacred space (explanations in the comprehensive Glossary) as well as in your bedroom. Examples are based on my personal experience with lovers, tantric consorts and clients. All testimonials have permission to be used, as confidentiality is essential in sacred sexuality and intimacy.
Sexual dysfunctions and other sexual problems experienced by men and women can often be healed with application of natural tantric methods, and sexual education.
The Tantric techniques in this book can help you surrender to enjoyment; release stress and relax more; give and receive pleasure – so that you can have more joy and bliss in your life. The main key in Tantra is love: loving yourself, loving your partner, and connecting your hearts, bodies, emotions, minds and spirit together in harmony and bliss. What women really want (and men too) is to be loved, to feel loved, be touched with love, to hear that they are love, see that they are loved, to taste and smell love. Here are some old and new ways to do this.
At the end of each chapter, you will find a tantric exercise. These exercises are practical ways to bring the experience of Tantra into your life and relationships. There are also links to videos, stories, and Tantra techniques throughout the book which give personal experiences and testimonials to illustrate the practical guidance on how to discover and experience Tantra for yourself and your partner. And to dispel myths, fears and misconceptions about Tantra, tantra massage and sacred sexuality I also include some powerful educational information.
I write for the adventurous man, ready to pleasure and cherish his lover, who has patience to practice the ancient art of Tantra, leading to a satisfied contented lover, an increase in his masculine energy and confidence and mutual ecstasy.
The benefits of Tantra experiences include:
* relaxation or euphoria, * healing of physical pain, * spiritual energy orgasm, * relief from stress, * surrendering to pleasure instead of feeling that you have to give back.
You will discover:
•How to last longer in the bedroom – what every man wants…
•How to relax and pleasure a woman with sensual massage techniques – and have her begging you for more…. What every woman really wants!
•How you can have a spiritual energy orgasm by yourself, without touching yourself!
•How to connect at a deeper level with each other and pleasure your lover more – the secret that every passionate couple wants to know…
•Learn about Tantra massage and yoni massage
•How to take your sexual experience to another level with tantric sex techniques.
The best part is that you can read and practise these chapters in any order.