Software Testing: 100+ Testing Approaches

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Software Testing: 100+ Testing Approaches

Software Testing: 100+ Testing Approaches by HARIPRASATH P
English | Dec 21, 2015 | ASIN: B019NYBEOO | 233 Pages | AZW3/MOBI/EPUB/PDF (conv) | 5.86 MB

This book provides extensive information about the software testing concepts with real time examples, merits and demerits. Totally, more than 100+ software testing methodologies are discussed in this book.
Acceptance Testing
Accessibility testing
Agile Testing
Age Testing
Active Testing
Adhoc Testing
Alpha Testing
Assertion Testing
Application Interface Testing
All Pair Testing
Automated Testing
Basic Path Testing
Backward Compatibility Testing
Beta Testing
Benchmark testing
Big Bang Testing
BVA Testing
Binary Portability Testing
Bottom Up Testing
Branch Testing
Breadth Testing
Black box testing
Code Driven Testing
Compatibility Testing
Comparison Testing
Component Testing
Configuration Testing
Condition Coverage Testing
Compliance Testing
Concurrency Testing
Conformance Testing
Context Driven Testing
Certification Testing
Decision Coverage testing
Destructive testing
Dependency Testing
Dynamic Testing
Domain Testing
Error Handling Testing
End to End Testing
Endurance Testing
Exploratory Testing
Equivalence Class Partitioning Testing
Fault Injection Testing
Formal Verification Testing
Functional Testing
Fuzz Testing
Gorilla Testing
Gray box Testing
Glass box Testing
GUI Testing
Globalization Testing
Hybrid Integration Testing
Integration Testing
Interface Testing
Install/Uninstall Testing
Internationalization Testing
Keyword driven Testing
Load Testing
Localization Testing
Loop Testing
Model Based Testing
Mutation Testing
Modularity testing
Non-functional testing
Negative testing
Operational Testing
Orthogonal Array Testing
Pair Testing
Passive Testing
Parallel Testing
Path Testing
Penetration Testing
Performance Testing
Qualification Testing
White Box Testing etc..